Breaking the silos through participatory systems mapping: Youth employment and the future of work in Bhutan

Bhutan in transition

Students of College of Natural Resources

Systems approach to youth employment — a methodology for collective sensemaking

Figure 1. Layering and communicating complexity through systems mapping

How can we understand and embrace complexity?

Complexity vs. Simplicity

Figure 2. Classification system for nodes, using contextual and direct domains
Figure 3. Micro-narratives composed of multiple interconnected nodes.

Navigating complex systems

Perspectives from within the system

Figure 4. Identifying “opportunity domains”, highlighting possible interventions across the whole system.

New possibilities of sensemaking in the digital age

Figure 5. Process of ‘human’ and ‘machine’ sensemaking

The opportunity space — creating horizontal capacities for innovation

Figure 6. A framework for a portfolio of experiments developed in order to identify investment gaps. Ideas from participants from the systems map workshops were mapped on to the framework.

Next steps




Empowering lives and building resilient communities to leave no one behind.

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UNDP Bhutan

UNDP Bhutan

Empowering lives and building resilient communities to leave no one behind.

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