Launch of Bhutan Accelerator Lab: Walking the talk on innovation

Reimagining development for the 21st century

“For innovation to thrive, there is a need for policies and incentives that encourage fail safe culture where ideas are tested and experimented before significant resources are invested in a solution. This type of risk-sharing and experimental approach has become even more relevant and important in the wake of fast-shrinking fiscal space faced by public institutions during the COVID-19 crisis. One of the challenges for the lab will be to ensure that ideas do not remain as ideas. Ideas that are tested and experimented must be scalable to ensure the attainment of a truly transformational change.”- Azusa Kubota, RR, UNDP


“We are witnessing heavier strain on our health providers. Mental health issues and gender-based violence cases are also on the rise. Unemployment is increasing. Our economies are at stake. In such an environment, we have come to learn that for us to survive and prosper, innovation is pivotal.”- Loknath Sharma, Minister for Economic Affairs

“We look forward to partnering with UNDP to use the accelerator lab facility in experimenting ways to accelerate progress in the country.”- Thinley Namgyel, Secretary, GNHC

“Innovative civil servants need to be: curious to search out opportunities to expand their own knowledge and understanding; storytellers, ready to use a range of tools to communicate with various stakeholders in ways that they can understand and engage with; and insurgents capable of effecting change in the systems within which they work, able to know when to push, how to negotiate, fight and/or compromise. We need to shift our outlook from “people as a workforce to people as a competitive force.” - Karma Hamu Dorjee, Chairperson, RCSC

Watch the recording of our virtual launch of Accelerator Lab here.



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