Looking back and looking forward: Pushing boundaries to build back better

Expectant mother Deki and nurse Rada photographed with iCTG at the Punakha district hospital.
The Bhutan Vaccine System helped ensure no one is left behind during Bhutan’s COVID-19 vaccination campaigns
Wangmo from Lunana, a remote highland community that lives in constant fear of Glacial Lake Outburst Flood. Besides the five-segment Climate Series, our climate advocacy, in the lead up to COP26, highlighted the heightened GLOF risk as warming temperatures cause glaciers to melt rapidly.
Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen (Queen) launched Bhutan’s Second NDC and the Low-Emission Development Strategies in four sectors — Food Security, Surface Transport, Human Settlement and Industries, at the second Climate Series held on World Environment Day.
The 180 kW solar power plant, co-located with the existing 600 kW wind farm at Rubesa, is expected to generate 263,000 units of energy a year, which will be adequate for supplying electricity to around 80–90 households.
Phub Thinley, a self-taught animator and graphic designer is among the 21 young Bhutanese who won the Digital Jobs and Innovation Challenge by UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Gross National Happiness Commission and Thimphu TechPark.
Cheni Wangmo, a weaver is among the home-based workers in Thimphu impacted by the pandemic.




Empowering lives and building resilient communities to leave no one behind.

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UNDP Bhutan

UNDP Bhutan

Empowering lives and building resilient communities to leave no one behind.

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