The digital COVID vaccine system in Bhutan that ensures no one is left behind

Teachers and health workers pre-screen students using the Bhutan Vaccine System during a COVID-19 vaccine campaign at Bajo Higher Secondary School, Wangduephodrang. Photo: UNDP/Kinley Wangmo.
12–17-year-old children are pre-screened before receiving COVID-19 vaccine shots at Bajo Higher Secondary School in Wangduephodrang. Photo: UNDP/Kinley Wangmo.
A school captain provides comfort to a student receiving a COVID-19 shot. Photo: UNDP/Kinley Wangmo.
Students sit outside the centre for the 30-minute post vaccination observation period. Photo: UNDP/Kinley Wangmo.
Children line up outside Jalla Primary School vaccination centre for their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Photo:UNDP/Kinley Wangmo.
A monk receiving his first dose of COVID-19 vaccine shot at Jalla Primary School. Photo: UNDP/Kinley Wangmo.
Jalla Health Assistant Tshering Zangmo pre-screens a school girl before the vaccine shot. Photo: UNDP/Kinley Wangmo.
Jalla Primary School children who received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine with the school staff and health workers. Photo: UNDP/Kinley Wangmo.



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