The value of water in Bhutan

Almost 99.6% of the households in Bhutan have access to safe drinking water.
The sacred Buli lake in Zhemgang district.

Climate change and water

Women and children are being impacted disproportionately as they spend more hours fetching water from far away sources.
More than 300 men and women were employed to manually lower the water level of Thorthomi lake in Lunana from 2008–2012 through the National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) I project from 2008–2012 supported by UNDP together with other partners.

Water and the Sustainable Development Goals

Achieving Goal 6 is important because without access to water, it will be difficult to achieve other SDGs particularly Goal 1 (No Poverty), Goal 2 (Zero Hunger), Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and Goal 13 (Climate Action). The SDG 6, therefore, provides a unique opportunity to accelerate progress on the 2030 Agenda.

Supporting Bhutan’s efforts to tackle water challenges




Empowering lives and building resilient communities to leave no one behind.

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UNDP Bhutan

UNDP Bhutan

Empowering lives and building resilient communities to leave no one behind.

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